Sunday, May 09, 2010

Jungle book for Scouting

More than seventy (70!!) illustrations were made in the past three months for the new Jungle Book work- and storybooks that were created for the Dutch Scouts. Together with YoungCrowds, interjanet and writer Niels Rood we killed a gruesome deadline and the result, if I may say so, is great. Here are some of the illustrations and parts of the process. If you'd like to see it all, please order the book(s) at Scoutshop.

Nederlandse bezoekers die geen Engels lezen;

1) Promo collage
2)Illustration for the bookcover (front and back)
3)Sketch process for the design of Baloo. My initial plan was to base the design on the authentic sloth bear, but the client wanted it to look 'more like a bear'.
4)Poster illustration showing all of the separate characters that were created for the book.
5)Jungle elements for the layout of the book.
6)Area's for the large map I illustrated in the book (also available as A0-sized poster).
7)One of the fullpage illustrations, introducing Mowgli and Sher Kan.
8)The work-in-progress of the previous illustration
9)Work-in-progress of an illustration where Shanti gets spooked by Jacala the crocodile.
10)The ancient story of the big jungle war of elephants and tigers.
11)The first confrontation between Mowgli and Sher Kan.
12)Mowgli is attacked by Sher Kan.
13)Bagheera in a fight with the monkey colony. I had to make studies of the monkeys (Hanuman Langur) before I could make the illustration.

Much, much more can be seen in the books.


FairyFaye said...

Mooi werk Arne! Thanks for sharing! said...

Zeker mooi werk! Complimenten!

I M P E R I A L Melvin said...

Dit ziet er erg leuk uit en het sfeertje zit er goed in :D

Ton said...

Jij bent echt de baas! dat is behoorlijk veel werk voor drie maanden:O! Gaaf om zo'n klassieker te mogen illustreren! Gefeliciteerd:D

Artoonator said...

Thanks! :)

Myrthe said...

Bij scouting Nederland mogen we trots zijn op deze prachtige illustraties!

shyam shriram deshpande said...

Hello there :)
hope you are doing good...looking at ur work after ages! looks like you are working on many interesting projects! nice characters and illustrations man !
hope you are still working in traditional medias :)

keep up the great work!

Maik said...

Hej Arne, ziet er tof uit hoor!

Maik said...
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J. Taylor said...

Ziet er mooi uit!
Moest zeker heel veel werk geweest zijn of niet:D

Ife ka said...


nice images, i can actually feel the horror in the picture