Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This is the latest illustration for the book 'Hey day!' (copyright).
Acrylics and colored pencils on carton.

It's still a tough job getting the style to be consistent. Mostly because this is a project that has to be done in my spare time, so the time in between making these illustrations is longer than I'd like. But hey, at the same time that is a good sign, right?


jillustration said...

I like the expression on the rabbit's face. I think illustrations are really succesful when they can get an emotion down like that. Plus your style's pretty cool. What's the book about, and when does it come out? It looks interesting

Pati @-;-- said...

Wow! U r amazing. I love ur illos... I'm so glad to having found ur site :)

stuffimake said...

Erg vet, het gezicht van dat konijn (of is het een haas?) is echt goed.

Hier ben je toch al ruim een jaar mee bezig?

Janice said...

Interesting stuff you have here... The rabbit looks like he is getting away with something.... Question? do you use your acrylics like goache (without the problems) and then apply your pencil crayons... ? (thats what Im guessing anyway.